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Ruthven Barracks Kingussie


The capital of the Badenoch region sits near the River Spey in the Cairngorms National Park. Nature lovers can go birdwatching, take in riverside walks or a trip to the nearby Ruthven Barracks.

The town is popular for rambling, pony trekking and winter sports and is home to Kingussie Camanachd, one of the world’s most successful sporting teams.

Landmarks and Attractions

Highland Wildlife Park

Observe native Scottish wildlife and exotic animals around the world in a natural and spacious environment. From red deer to the elusive Scottish wildcat, the park offers a fun experience for all ages.

Ruthven Barracks

Ruthven Barracks are historic military ruins dating back to the 18th century. Once a strategic stronghold, the barracks offer a glimpse into Scotland’s military history.


Kingussue offers a tranquil setting for visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature.