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Club En-suite room

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Your hotel and travel all in one

Save on hotel costs and be more environmentally friendly by combining your hotel and travel onboard Caledonian Sleeper.


Having peace of mind when travelling for business has never been more important. At Caledonian Sleeper, when you book to travel in a room it is for your private use – unless of course you have booked to share with a friend or colleague.


Our rooms don’t just offer privacy – they offer a real sense of calm too. As most people know, it’s impossible to sleep well without a quality mattress. Our mattresses are fit for a King and handmade by Glencraft, holders of a Royal Warrant.


Choose from a Caledonian Double En-suite, a Club En-suite Room, or a Classic Standard room. Each room type offers free Wifi and charging points, making it easy to keep connected.

We also offer double and twin accessible rooms. Plus our seated cabin offers an economical way to travel on business between London and Scotland. 


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