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A Unique Way To Travel Between Scotland & London

Save money on a hotel night

Wake up in the heart of your destination

Save time, travel while you sleep

No waiting in long security queues

Luggage included with your ticket

Environmentally friendly

Forget the red eye, choose shut eye!

When you travel for business why make it harder and less productive? Choose the convenient and eco-friendly Caledonian Sleeper for your London to Scotland business travel needs.

Caledonian Sleeper

More Productive Use Of Time

Travel while you sleep

Private Rooms

Private rooms with en-suite showers to arrive refreshed

Arrive At Your Leisure Before Departure

Board early and head straight to bed or visit the Club Car for dinner

Wake Up in the Heart of Your Destination

Central location, so no out of city transfers required

Complimentary Station Guest Lounge Access

Snacks and drinks for Club & Double Room Guests

Wake Up to Breakfast On Us

Breakfast included with our Club & Double rooms

Luggage included with your ticket

No weighing luggage or emptying your bags at security

Environmentally Friendly

Enjoy travel whilst limiting your impact on our planet

Catching a flight

Red Eye Starts

Wake up in the middle of the night for morning flights

Costly Transfers From Airport

Additional cost and time added to your travel

More Luggage Hassles

Restrictive and costly to check in luggage

Extra Hotel Night

Additional expense to your trip for early meetings

Arrive a Minimum 1hr Before Flight

Adds to your travel time

Security Queues

Busy airports and longer queue times

No Breakfast Included

Purchase your own food before boarding

Impacts Carbon Footprint More

Less environmentally friendly than rail


Tour the Caledonian Sleeper

Take a 360° tour of our Accommodation, Club Car and Seated Coach

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Caledonian Sleeper

Total = 0.065kg CO2e/pmi


Petrol car

Total = 0.235kg CO2e/pmi



Total = 0.440kg CO2e/pmi


Eco conscious Sleeper travel

Caledonian Sleeper supports your company’s sustainable travel policies, generating almost 7 times less C02 than competing modes of travel.

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