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Dumbarton Rock


The ancient capital of the Kingdom of Strathclyde, Dumbarton was founded in the 5th Century on the north bank of the River Clyde. The town is dominated by the 334 Million year old volcanic plug, Dumbarton Rock.

On the rock sits Dumbarton Castle, an important fortification during the Scottish Wars of Independence and the Marian Civil War with a history dating back to the iron age.

Landmarks and Attractions

Montys Farm Park

A family friendly attraction located near Dumbarton, offering visitors the opportunity to interact with a variety of farm animals and enjoy outdoor activities.

Dumbarton Rock

Dumbarton Rock is a prominent volcanic rock formation rising above the Rive Clyde. The Rock is home to Dumbarton Castle, one of Scotland’s most ancient fortresses.

Overtoun house

An elegant 19th century mansion located near Dumbarton, set amidst picturesque gardens and woodland.